Cracked Alloy Wheel Repair

Weld and repair cracked alloys

SGM Wheel Refurbishment repair cracked alloy wheels regularly due to a big increase in wheels that have cracks or buckles from pothole damage due to poor road surfaces.

With today’s low profiles and the pot holes in our roads this often shows up as an MOT failure or the customer thinking they have a slow puncture, in fact its air escaping through the crack or buckle in the wheel rim.

We will weld a cracked alloy wheel if it’s not severe, but in certain cases we will recommend you replace the cracked alloy. Cracks are subject to inspection upon arrival.

What we do:

  • Remove wheel/wheels from vehicle
  • Remove tyres
  • Inspect wheel for damage e.g. crack or buckle
  • Once cleaned the alloy is welded
  • After wheel/wheels have passed quality control tyres are re-fitted, balanced and placed back on the vehicle
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