Kerbed Alloy Wheel Repair

Scuff or gauge of the outer edge of the alloy

A Kerbed Alloy Wheel repair can avoid unnecessary and expensive alloy replacements, and in most cases, the original damage will be completely undetectable. In severe cases, welding is required and then the alloy is machined back.

Kerbed alloy wheels can cheapen the look of your car but once repaired will add more value to your vehicle.

Our trained technicians are fully equipped to repair the most badly of kerbed alloy wheels.

What we do:

  • Remove wheel/wheels from vehicle
  • Remove tyres
  • Inspect wheel for damage e.g. crack or buckle
  • Linish out scuff marks
  • Sand blast the wheel prior to powder coating in choice of colour
  • After wheel/wheels have passed quality control tyres are re-fitted, balanced and placed back on the vehicle
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